Start with Money: Let’s Get Started!

Welcome to Start with Money!

If you have found yourself here, then chances are you want to do something different regarding your financial situation. Perhaps you want to develop better saving habits, create passive income, evaluate different types of investments, or even eliminate debt. These and more have become my  favorite topics of research over the last few years, and the reason why this blog exists today.

Join me as I review different forms of literature on topics of finance, with take-aways that you can put into action with little to no effort. I will share my own learned lessons as I strive to be more efficient and effective with my finances and life in general!

I am not a licensed or certified finance, accounting or investing professional, just like most of the general public, and I do not claim to be a guru of any kind. For that reason, I am compelled to educate myself on money management rather than relying completely on someone who is receiving a fee. That said, do your due diligence before making any financial decisions and seek the advice of professionals when uncertain.

You may be asking yourself about the significance of the landscape on the title page. When one decides to review their financial situation, it is a great time to review your personal goals (what do I want to do?). For me, that is the opportunity to get away from the office monotony and enjoy the vast and sometimes overwhelming scenes that nature has to offer. These photos are my motivation to organize my finances to enable me to continue to travel to these areas worry-free.

Once you have found that source of motivation, the little bit of work required will be easier than you think.

I hope you find these posts relevant and actionable as I continue this financial exercise.